High Performance Selection

Established in 1996, Darwin Rhodes is part of Dryden Human Capital, an award winning Recruitment Company specialising in selection of High Performing Candidates. The company has an unrivalled heritage and was one of the first recruitment firms to specialise in the Insurance markets.  

Our client centric Consultants understand your markets, your business and your career aspirations. Our longevity of industry and sector experience means that Darwin Rhodes have developed extensive talent and client networks over the last 20 years – networks built on relationships.


  • In recent feedback from candidates, we either met or exceeded their ideal performance level:

  • 58

    Across 13 Client expectations of performance, Darwin Rhodes averaged 5.8 on a 7 point scale

  • 68

    On a 7 point scale, Darwin Rhodes is rated 6.8 for Professionalism and Trustworthiness

  • 63

    On a 7 point scale, Darwin Rhodes is rated 6.3 for good knowledge of the industry and its roles

  • Clients gave us feedback that shows we're performing very well on the following expectations:

  • 120

    12 out of 13 expectations, Darwin Rhodes scored higher than its competitors

  • 61

    On a 7 point scale, Darwin Rhodes was marked at 6.1 for 'knowing the market'

  • 60

    On a 7 point scale, Darwin Rhodes was marked at 6 for submitting high quality CVs


Join our team...

The success of Darwin Rhodes depends upon our ability to attract and retain the very best recruitment talent in the market globally.

At Darwin Rhodes we provide everything you would expect of a multi award-winning global recruitment company but most importantly of all, we deliver what we promise you throughout the interview process.

Our culture is that of a professional consultancy with a mature and sensible approach to management that will attract those individuals who are motivated to succeed without the need for constant monitoring and micro-management. Our management team are hugely experienced and are able to adapt their style and approach to each individual. Augmented by external and internal training, Darwin Rhodes offers the best bespoke support to all its’ staff.

As a rapidly growing, international recruitment business and part of Dryden Human Capital, we can offer genuine career prospects in the major financial centres of the world, with a demonstrable track record of providing opportunities to people at all stages of their recruitment career.