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Sommelier evaluating red wine.

Sourcing the best wine is complex. Do you buy from the local off-licence, supermarket or specialist wine merchant? They all provide varying levels of quality, price range, region and type of grape.

Recruitment is the same; all of the 22,000 recruitment agencies in the UK can be grouped in a similar manner.

With wine the key is identifying which wine you prefer, and may be based on some accompanying celebration. Do you prefer white, red, dry, fruity, strong and so on. Does cheap and cheerful represent good value or is quality key? If you like to do it yourself, you may have to do a little homework on where the wine is geographically produced according to your preferred taste. Alternatively, you may prefer to have a sommelier or an expert wine merchant do it for you.

Partnering with recruitment firms is about preference too. The actual process of partnering should be a pleasant experience whereby both parties tick the boxes on both sides. Whilst in theory this sounds simple, selecting the right partner is not so simple.

In order to help with some of the more difficult decisions, we undertook research earlier this year from both new and existing clients to understand their expectations of an ideal selection firm. The results were quite interesting:

1.Read the Label: Market Sector Experience

Whilst I enjoy my wine, it is inconceivably impossible to sample every bottle on offer (in theory I would like to but in reality it’s physically impossible plus long lunches went out in the ‘80’s).

Therefore a good place to start is the sector you want the best help from. Understanding what the label says helps with selecting the right partner. It all starts with the role you want help to fill.

Many researched clients advised they want us to be up to date on the market knowledge and as sector experts. You rely on what we do, how we do it and more importantly who we know and where we might go to find the talent you need.

2.Decide on a Region: Geographic Speciality

Wine is an exploration of your taste buds. Deciding on which region and grape selection comes down to personal preference. Do you stick with the tried and true method which provides contentment or are you adventurous and purchase outside of the normal region.

Recruitment partnering is the same; you select those partners who can help in your geographic regions. Making sure we understand what you intend on selecting for accounted for much of the overall experience.

3.Assess Vintages: What is the track record of the Selection Agency

History, heritage, expert capabilities all matter with wines. If a wine maker has been producing for longer, then quality and price might be expected. Selecting the right wine for the right occasion is a must fit.

So is getting the right person for your business. With the large number of recruitment agencies across the UK and HK, partnering is very importance. The war for talent is very important and many of our clients researched said so. So what is the track record of your selection agency? Can they show evidence of success in placing high performers in their clients?

4.Red or White: Recruitment or Selection

Quality is important in the choice of wine. Hence when selecting the right bottle, 9 times out of 10, you start the process with a simple ‘I prefer white or red’. From there the matching game takes shape so that you end up making the right purchase based on the information provided.

Do you want an agency that will provide you with 10 profiles that you then have to do the selection or do you prefer them to have done it for you?

5.Corks, Screw tops, Plastic stoppers: High or low quality of service

There is a perception that wines with corks are better for older vintages whilst plastic stoppers and screw tops suit younger varieties. While the stopper is not the wine it makes a difference to how you perceive the contents of the bottle.

Selecting the right recruitment selection partner should incorporate understanding of your needs, and more importantly, your expectations. What is the calibre of the agency’s team in their ability to build a detailed briefing note to complement your job description successfully? How good are they in taking into account the values you seek? Our research suggests clients place much weighting on rapport, flexibility, integrity and discretion. Unsurprisingly communication was rated far and away the key number one quality you prefer. Having a point of contact you can rely upon helps develop longer term trust, understanding and success for the right fit into your organisation. Hence partnering with the right selection recruitment company produce an enjoyable lasting relationship whereby both parties are rewarded. Recruitment is just like wine – you just need to understand what you want, how you want it and why you want it. We value these expectations and can make that purchase simpler, faster and better for you. With the weather improving, is it the time to plan your summer purchases?

Kind Regards,
Clinton Poore

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